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The highest-quality water treatment products in the industry!

Trust the water experts.

With over 80 years of water treatment experience, Culligan manufactures the highest-quality products on the market. Our products are extensively researched and tested, and come with a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t love your Culligan system, we’ll refund the purchase price! From whole home water treatment systems to half-liter bottles of water, your local Culligan Man™ has the answer to all your water needs.

Water Softeners

Say goodbye to dry skin, spotted glassware and high water heating bills when you rent or buy a Culligan® Water Softener!

Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Reduce hard water scale without using salt or electricity when you rent or buy a Culligan® Salt-Free Water Conditioner!

Water Filters

Get rid of rotten-egg smells, cloudy sediment and acid stains when you rent or buy a Culligan® Water Filter!

Whole Home Systems

Skip hard water spots, chlorine smells and rust stains when you rent or buy a Culligan® Whole Home System!

Drinking Water Systems

Never worry about chlorine, "rotten-egg smells" and foul tastes when you rent or buy a Culligan® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System!

Commercial & Industrial

Save your business time and money with treatment solutions from Culligan Commercial and Industrial.

Water Heaters

Did you know Culligan Total Water carries water heaters?
Learn more about how you can have better water.

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What Clients Say
Very professional and knowledgeable employees. When I moved into my house, they explained how I was renting a water treatment system. They went over various details about the system and provided me with information about purchasing the unit. They told me me the best time purchase so that I maximized the credit I received for renting initially. Later I had an issue with the unit not softening water correctly. It was still covered under warranty and they were able to come out quickly. Again, they not only fixed the problem but were able to explain the issue to me and how to prevent it in the future. I have been very satisfied with Culligan Total Water and would recommend their products and services to anyone.
Culligan Customer
Brett Findlay
- Culligan Customer