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We’ve got everything you need to keep you and your family stocked in fresh, filtered water.

A Culligan Bottled Water Cooler provides high-quality, filtered drinking water for your Madison-area home. Our five-gallon bottles contain premium Culligan filtered water, so you know it will always taste great.

The Culligan Bottle-Free Cooler provides cool, refreshing water every time. Our bottleless units provide bottled-quality filtered water, without the hassle of buying, storing and changing out water bottles.
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What Clients Say
Culligan is a company I have been with for more than 10 years as I rent the water softener for my home. Culligan has been servicing and delivering the salt to my home for many years. I never have to worry or think about this appliance, which is a relief since I would never know when it was out of salt. Culligan also hires excellent employees who deliver and load the salt into my softener when I'm away from home. I have never had any [trust] issues with their employees coming into my home when I'm gone or when I'm home during a delivery. This has been an excellent company to work with.
Culligan Customer
Judith Turnbull
- Culligan Customer