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Culligan Bottled Water and Bottle-Free Coolers bring you fresh, clean-tasting water every time. Our high-quality filtered water is available in both 5-gallon bottles and bottleless coolers to provide you with the best water solution right for you. Say goodbye to drinking smelly or bad-tasting tap water with a Culligan Bottled Water or Bottle-Free Cooler!

Office Bottled Water

Whether you need bottled water delivery or a bottle-free cooler installation, we can do all the hard work. Let us solve your office water problem.
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Home Bottled Water

Get rid of hauling heavy water bottles and bring better drinking water directly to your home with Culligan bottled water solutions. Give your family the refreshing, high-quality taste of Culligan water - at home!
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Benefits of Water Delivery

Our friendly local Culligan Man will bring Culligan filtered water straight to your door. No muss, no fuss.
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Culligan water, delivered straight to you with the click of a button. Explore our online ordering options.
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Need to know how much water?

Use our interactive calculator to find the right amount of water for your needs.
Compare our great bottled and bottle-free water coolers to find which one suits your home or office best!
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What Clients Say
Best customer service! Easy to reach (no recordings or hoops to jump through) a real person who can help me schedule and reschedule delivery dates and amount of water. Easy to work with and reliable. I am also grateful for the phone or text reminders and the delivery calendar. In a place like this, good drinking water is essential. My plants think so too. Thanks, Culligan.
Culligan Customer
Ellen Sims
- Culligan Customer