Office Water Coolers

Keep your employees hydrated and happy.

Office Bottled Water and Bottleless Water Solutions

Madison-area businesses, we've got your water solutions covered. Providing filtered water for your employees is an affordable way to make your office happy.

Culligan Bottled Water Cooler provides high-quality, filtered drinking water for your office. Our 5-gallon bottles contain premium Culligan filtered water, so you know it will always be clean and refreshing.

The Culligan Bottleless Cooler provides cool, refreshing water every time. Our units provide bottled-quality filtered water, without the hassle of buying, storing and changing out water bottles.
Bottled water for the office

Bottleless Water

Water + Technology = Office Water 2.0
Benefits of a Culligan Bottleless Cooler
  • The same great filtered water without the waste of a bottle
  • No heavy lifting to replace bottled water coolers, and no empty water jugs cluttering up the kitchen or garage
  • You'll never run out of great-tasting Culligan filtered water at home
A Culligan® Bottleless Cooler brings refreshing water right into your office. Bottleless means no hassle of buying, storing and changing out water bottles. Say goodbye to problem drinking water and bottle storage issues with a Culligan® Bottleless Cooler!
Bottleless Cooler Options
Bottleless Cooler
Features of a Culligan Bottleless Cooler
  • EPA Energy Star Certified, meaning you save the environment while lowered your bill
  • Modern styling options to fit any décor
  • Removable drip tray, hot and cooling tank options so you can get water at any temperature, any time
Bottleless Cooler Options

Bottled Water Coolers

Best Name In Water Comes In A Bottle
Benefits of a Culligan Bottled Water Cooler
  • Customized to your home needs and size of household
  • Available in Spring water, Fluoridated, distilled, and small bottle packs
  • Brought right to your doorstep
A Culligan® Bottled Cooler provides filtered drinking water for you and your family in our 5-gallon bottles. Say goodbye to drinking and cooking with unpleasant tap water with a Culligan® Bottled Water Cooler!
Water Cooler Options
Bottled water coolers
Features of a Culligan Bottled Water Cooler
  • Monitored by the International Bottled Water Association
  • Reverse osmosis purification process
  • The Culligan Care cap, a special valve that "pops" the cap open to release water only when the bottle is in place, making our bottles spill-proof
  • Convenient delivery, on your schedule
Water Cooler Options

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Culligan and Gold Star Coffee work together to provide exceptional coffee to our customers. We hook up our water systems to their coffee machines. They have the best coffee and we provide the best water—with both of those things, you end up with a great cup of coffee. We chose to partner with Gold Star because they are trustworthy, have a great variety of products to offer and provide exceptional services with great prices.

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I've been a satisfied residential customer of Total Water for around 2 years. Their delivery guys are friendly and bring water bottles up to our front door. Deliveries always take place on the scheduled days. And whenever I have to make changes to my account, i can accomplish this with ease by email. Their staff are kind and efficient. Price per bottle and delivery charge are fair. I will keep my subscription with Total Water for the foreseeable future.
Culligan Customer
Charles Kim
- Culligan Customer